I promised myself [and my super cool followers] that 2014 would be the year I get shit done. The year I stop making excuses and start hooking it up with some results. The year I quit eating my feelings and get off the couch. The year I make binging my bitch and exercise my best friend. The year I become the greatest version of my [already] bad-ass self, and not look back no matter what. I've finished T25 and allowed the beautiful Shaun T to kick my butt back into shape; from here, there's only amazing things to come. Follow along as I go from being overweight and under-happy to being a fit and healthy tumblrette. My name is Tara, and I'm finally getting shit done. <3


Aug 20, 2014
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Anonymous said: your motivation is endless! the fact that you are still trying to live healthier and treat your body right despite all the slip ups is a sign of your ceaseless determination. you can do anything. <3 <3 you've been doing great for yourself. the honesty you have with yourself about your mistakes is inspiring. keep at it!

this message made me smile hard. i read it several times yesterday to keep myself going. thank you so much for reaching out


Aug 19, 2014
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day “one” down

did T25 again with my dad today—and by that i mean i did it while he danced around behind me and made up his own “moves”—and was covered in sweat once again. i feel like im keeping up alright considering the fact that im out of shape once againnnn and definitely lost a lot of my stamina and flexibility that i had acquired during my first round of T25. 

i dont think i wrote about this, but i wasnt able to go to hot yoga because on thursday i came down with a cold and spent the rest of the weekend fighting off a sore throat, headache, and stuffy nose. yesterday was the first day i actually felt decent. my friend and i are set to do it this thursday instead, to make up for lost time.

i was a little disappointed with myself yesterday because, long story short, i wasnt able to eat the lunch i had planned for myself, and in a moment of weakness headed to the vending machine. i had a snickers and a bag of pretzels, which isnt a huge deal, but it also wasnt what i wanted for myself on “day one” of clean eating. the rest of the day went fine, though, so its not a major setback or anything. just wasnt exactly what i wanted. but baby steps are key when it comes to battling binging so i think i should just be glad that i didnt head to mcdonalds or eat a whole cake or anything along those lines.

today is my friday and i couldnt be happier; my feet are sore and ive got things to get done! 


Aug 19, 2014
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Anonymous said: u r 2 kyoote pudgies

aw. thank you. i think YOURE cute <3


Aug 18, 2014
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i chose to step on the scale for the first time in months today. it wont be becoming a regular thing for me; i’ll probably check back again in a few months just to see what it says. but like i mentioned a few days ago, my pants are way too tight and im feeling grossly out of shape again, so some kind of structure is needed.

i dont think this is true in all cases, but in mine it is: “your body is reflective of your lifestyle.” 

my body is a direct reflection of laziness and lack of discipline and willpower. and i dont say that to be self-deprecating or to beat myself up at all; it’s just a fact. a fact i still struggle to change.

i wasnt happy when i saw that number and im not happy that my clothes arent fitting well again, but im not mad or sad either. in fact, i kinda laughed when i saw what the scale said, like, “here we go again! oh well!” 

lack of structure has steered me in the wrong direction. i stopped following my T25 Monday-Friday schedule due to my injury, but in turn, also stopped grocery shopping for healthy food, drinking enough water, and taking care of myself the way that i was in the beginning of the year.

"fail to plan, plan to fail" is applicable here too. without the plans in place, i do my own thing, and a lot of time my own thing involves fast food or binges. it aint pretty.

so, SIGHHH and BIG EYE ROLL to the fact that we are all here again, but as always i am not going to stop trying. 

james and i went grocery shopping last night. we got all kinds of fruit and veggies, and stuff for dinner each night this week. this is already helping me because i got up and made myself a bowl of greek yogurt with fruit piled on top, then grabbed my 1.5 liter bottle of water and sucked some down. the past few days, i havent even eaten breakfast, then over-ate later in the day to compensate.

we are both on the same page in regards to wanting to save money and feel better, so we’ll be sticking to sunday grocery trips and im actually kind of excited for it.

im going to carry my bottle with me everywhere and see if i can notice a difference in my body temp, too! 

i worked out this morning and both of my parents joined in =] it was nice.

anyway. here we go again! round 9000!


Aug 15, 2014
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surrounded by cats………

…..3 is definitely my crazy cat lady limit.any more and i would go nuts. the kitten [his name is dodson, by the way] and cupid are chasing each other at full speed around the apartment right now. the other day, i was taking a shower and they would run in one door and out the other; it was like a cartoon. they are nuts. and they’re making ME nuts in turn. 

that being said, it does make me really happy to see how well dodson has settled in here. and seeing that he’s happy and healthy is the best. we were worried that he’d have some issues mentally after what he’s been through, but thus far he seems fine. and physically, he’s doing great. i was scared that he wouldnt eat, which is why his brother had to be put down, but he eats like the food’s about to be taken from him—which is sad. but glad that he’s eating it and has a full stomach every day. poor baby deserves it. 

sooo i did NOT fulfill all of this week’s goals that i had set. but i did complete some of them, and i think i should look at that as a step instead of considering it a failure. normally i’d think, “i didnt complete them all, i messed up,” but if i’m keeping the idea of “progress, not perfection” in mind, isnt this progress? yep. so i shouldnt be so hard on myself, and instead strive for more progress next week. and if ALL the goals get finished, thats just an awesome bonus.

james and i are going to put together a schedule for next week to get out apartment cleaned up and redecorated. we basically put comic book art on the walls when we moved in and then….stopped. but we want a basketball hoop installed about the stairs, and last night james suggested making a ball pit out of our kiddie pool that we got a few months ago.

basically we’re both 5. don’t judge us. 

anyway, the point of that story was to say that the schedule will include workouts and a food plan so that A) we spend less money on going out to eat and B) we dont eat crap.

sidenote: now dodson is climbing the cat scratching post like godzilla because he’s so tiny it just looks ridiculous. then he jumps off and runs full speed to cupid, jumps on his back, then sprints over here to start over again. too. many. cats.


Aug 14, 2014
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oh yeah!

did i even tell you guys this?? what am i DOING with my life?? 

so if youve been following for a while you know that in december of last year i promised to myself to make a resolution that said: absolutely no soda in 2014. not even one sip of soda. i get hooked on it and its a gross vicious cycle that makes my skin look like butthole and gives me headaches. no likey.

soooo my 21st 28th birthday just passed and i told myself NO FAST FOOD FOR ONE YEAR. 

i dont feel like these things are “restrictive.” fast food and soda have no place in my body; they make me feel like crap. i dont hate on anyone else for eating and drinking it; do as you please, homies. but for me, i dont need or want it. 

thus far ive stuck to my no soda pledge and am glad for it. its been hard for sure—hangovers have nearly swayed me towards the dark side, and i sometimes get cravings that are hard to ignore—but i know its for the best. 

so no fast food or soda till next year! if ever again! hopefully i just wont ever touch it again, period =]


Aug 14, 2014
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please watch this before its taken down

The scary thing is a couple of weeks ago I was watching an episode of America Declassified it was talking about a sound machine that is harmless but is used to break up protests and because of the potential for abuse is controversial, the person talking about it then says “I don’t ever want to see a technology like that in a democratic forum where, if you’re a citizen, you’re going to ask yourself ‘why should I even come, much less speak out, much less raise my voice when that device is there and law enforcement could really hurt me?’ We can’t have even the chance of that intimidation in our democracy.” This is exactly what the makers were afraid of.

It’s sickening to see this…

i just cried over this. i am so sad for these people and mike brown and his family and i’m scared for ALL of us because this is becoming more and more frequent in, literally, our own backyards. 

(via ironphenix)


Aug 14, 2014
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i’m not really a “grrr” saying kind of person [my friend roxanne says it often, though, and it’s really adorable. just throwing that out there. maybe i should take it up too] but that was the first thing that came to mind when i started writing this bad boy. 

ive maintained my size 6 status since completing T25 the entire way through. that being said, i know weight has piled back on and today was the first day where i wore my size 6 pants that i was so [annoyingly] proud of where i thought to myself, “you cant do this for much longer.” 

big big changes need to be made. and while im very far from where i was, i need to get much further away from how i used to be—letting my back injury hold me back was a huge mistake. and obviously i knew that at the time, and have known it all along, but i still let it happen. 

soooo that was dumb! 

but the only thing you can do is pick yourself up and keep going. so thats what ill do. and someday, in 2039, i will finally be in shape hahaha. just kidding. early 2015 is the goal here, if not sooner. 

hot yoga tomorrow! im scared guys! but mostly because i dont want to have to be the chick who leaves the room =\ ill let you know how it goes!


Aug 14, 2014
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Anonymous said: Hi there, can you list 10 or more good followers of yours? I'm looking new blogs to follow, since you're good and kind person, assuming you're followers too are same. :) Have a nice day sweet heart and god bless.

hello! that’s sweet, thank you. i’m glad you think that i’m nice, haha. i’m going to post a bunch below and then probably kick myself for forgetting the most awesome people afterwards, but this should be a good start to finding some new people to check out =]  also a few of the links i wanted to post arent working so there might be a part 2. have a good one! 























Aug 13, 2014
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Anonymous said: You can roll your eyes while your getting throat fucked... Until then, shut the fuck up.

I believe you meant you’re. You’re welcome! See what I did there?

Sidenote, I’m 100% confident that your attempts at internet bullying (since nobody is actually offended by anything YOU’RE saying) compensates for a teeny tiny penis, so I’m not too worried about the throat-fucking. Thanks for the offer though? 

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on YOUR way out. 


Aug 12, 2014
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the kitten james and i adopted is doing well! no mental or physical issues as far as we can see and he’s SO beautiful as a baby, i can only imagine what he’ll look like when he’s full grown.

i tried stand-up paddle boarding finally, you guys! despite my sheer terror of the water it was a lot of fun and was very peaceful for the most part. i wont say i was amazing at it but for a first-timer with a serious phobia, i did pretty well. i would definitely try it again, and im glad im crossing things off my 2014 to-do list!


Aug 12, 2014
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i dont think ive written about this before so i just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas or input. definitely NOT trying to diagnose myself over the internet, i just wanted to get your opinions because i looove you guys. 

for at least a month now, my body has been getting severely overheated. to the point where im actively sweating and feel like my body’s on fire from the inside out, if that even makes any sense. its not just when im overexerting myself, it can be any time—standing around, laying down, at work, wherever and whenever, this thing pops up. 

i thought maybe it was a lack of water since for a while there i was mostly drinking juice [i still havent touched soda in 2014!] but even with upping my water im still experiencing it. i do feel BETTER but ive also still dealt with it on a daily basis so it hasnt gone away. 

its to the point where the air conditioning would be on, id be practically naked, and have a fan on at full blast aimed at my body and id STILL be sweating. 

i am going to get it checked out, but has anyone experienced this before? to sum it up, it’s gross =[ 


Aug 12, 2014
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the struggle is real

for some reason im finding it difficult to post consistently on here, and im not sure why that is. 

its not that i dont enjoy it anymore, or that i dont miss the friends ive made on here. so im not sure what my deal is. but ive made a weekly goal list—monday started off strong, thankfully—and one of the goals is to post here every day. 

….with better content than “meh, i dont feel like posting” next time, of course! but i wanted to share that feeling because it obviously is effecting my time on here. 

i will say though that i am completely shocked and so, so sad to hear about robin williams today. i rarely feel a celebrity death so deeply but this one literally felt like a punch to the stomach; it feels as if someone i was friends with has died. robin williams was a huge piece of nearly every iconic movie i loved growing up and i know SO many of you can relate to that. my heart genuinely goes out to his entire family, all of the friends he had—his friendships seemed so strong and amazing—and just to all of the other fans who have loved him for so many years.it truly goes to show that you never know what someone is thinking and that you cant assume someone is happy simply because they act a certain way or appear to be. SO saddened by this.


Aug 5, 2014
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we meet again, shaun t

i started day 1 of T25 again today. yeah yeah yeah, again, i know. but i would really like to re-do the whole program. also, hot yoga is finally going to be happening soon so i will let you all know how i like it! 

i think i missed a few messages from you guys so if i did im sorry! and i appreciate all the birthday wishes so much.


Aug 5, 2014
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Anonymous said: Happy, happy birthday from all of us to you! We wish it was our birthday so we could party, too! Hope your birthday is as sweet as you are, Pudge-a-licious! You are beautiful, fierce, fabulous and an inspiration! Love you!

did you send this at midnight?! how amazing is that?! thank you so much, you guys are the sweetest and i had a great birthday! <333