Peace out, pudge!

i was naturally thin, a girl who proudly flaunted her body and the fact that it took nothing to keep it looking toned and tiny. binge-eating entered the picture in my early 20s, and the pounds packed on. in 2010 i took off 20+ pounds, but after getting my first "big girl job" in an office and having access to free food, i gave in and gained it all back. since then, it's been a roller coaster of gaining and losing weight AND gaining and losing love for my body. currently, i'm recovering from a back injury and still striving to get my body to look the way i want it to, but throughout the journey i've found a self-appreciation i never had before. if you're okay with some dirty words, lame jokes, and lots of cat pictures, follow along to keep up with my progress. i promise to always keep it interesting. <3
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My coworker is helping out his 10-year-old neighbor with selling girl scout cookies and he brought a bunch of boxes to the office. He just came into my cubicle, dumped two boxes onto my desk and said, “you can have these for free.” This is like a nightmare and a dream come true at the same time. Im gonna give them to my dad later; these kind are his favorites.

But let me please just say that if they were the peanut butter & chocolate ones they would already be all up in my mouth. JUST SAYING.