Peace out, pudge!

i was naturally thin, a girl who proudly flaunted her body and the fact that it took nothing to keep it looking toned and tiny. binge-eating entered the picture in my early 20s, and the pounds packed on. in 2010 i took off 20+ pounds, but after getting my first "big girl job" in an office and having access to free food, i gave in and gained it all back. since then, it's been a roller coaster of gaining and losing weight AND gaining and losing love for my body. currently, i'm recovering from a back injury and still striving to get my body to look the way i want it to, but throughout the journey i've found a self-appreciation i never had before. if you're okay with some dirty words, lame jokes, and lots of cat pictures, follow along to keep up with my progress. i promise to always keep it interesting. <3
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My parents’ house has transformed from:

The place I would go to eat my feelings, the place where I put on over 30 pounds, the place where I would cry in my room with mountains of food around me as I felt out of control but unwilling to do anything about it


The place I go to do my workout 5 days a week and a place where I don’t feel like I need or want to shove food down my throat. And the place where I either make my protein shake or have some fruit for breakfast, and leave it at that. The place where I re-fill my water bottle instead of the place where I drink 20 cans of soda.

This is a really, really nice realization. 

Soooo I started T25 over today! It’s kinda funny to me because it was this big deal like OMG I’M FINALLY DONE LET’S BRING OUT THE CHAMPAGNE I’M SO PROUD….see you on Monday Shaun T. 

But yeah, decided to just start it over for now before I decide on a plan of attack from here when it comes to exercise. I know it order to maintain my progress I have to step it up. I can’t afford Gamma right now [or, uh, anything, since it’s rent check time and I’ll be a broke ho for the next two weeks] so this will do! 

So I did T25 this morning, starting from the very beginning with the good old cardio video. It kicked my butt but I was able to do things this time around that I wasn’t the first time—doing the pulsing squats, like, DESTROYS me every time, but I finally got through them! 

I had guest appearances, though; my parents did it with me. Highlights included their comments, especially my dad’s: 

Dad: "Alright well I’m gonna go put on my leotard now."

Me: "Dad, I’m going to write about this on my blog, you know that right?"

Dad: "Yes, good, tell them I’m getting in my Jane Fonda outfit!"  (Followers: my dad wore his Jane Fonda outfit. There, I told you. Important sidenote: he didn’t really wear that)

*Halfway through*


*After Shaun says that Tania just had a baby*

Mom: "Oh really? FUCK YOU, TANIA" 

*At the end*

Dad: “My core hurts!” 

Me: “I’m pretty sure you don’t even know what or where your core is.”

Dad: “Oh yes I do, it’s here” *points indignantly at his ankle*

Afterwards, my dad ran around the room yelling WOOOOOO and giving us high-fives. 

It was a disturbing experience, and one I’m not sure I want to go through again. 

I am proud of my mom though for at least giving it a serious shot. And sticking through the entire video; at 23 minutes they were both tired so I’m surprised they busted it out, but good for them :)

I am 26 years old and am about to go put on full pants and a long-ish sleeved shirt in 90 degree weather so that my daddy doesn’t see my tattoos and get mad. 

Usually I don’t mind this, because I know they make my parents unhappy and I don’t want to upset them, so I just cover them and leave it at that. 

But sometimes, like today, it annoys me. I don’t really want or need to be getting YELLED at when I’m 26 for something that I put on MY body with MY money that does NOTHING to affect them. 

Maybe if I were 16 and went behind their backs and used their credit cards, that’d be one thing. Or if I tattooed “I HATE MY PARENTS” on my face in red ink, sure, I get it. 

So now I’m going to sweat to death and be uncomfortable for the rest of the day because the sight of some cursive permanently on my arm is just too much for them. AWESOME. SOUNDS FUN. 

…Whatever, I’m still covering up. My parents do a lot for me. I can do this for them.

…This has been the last rant for the day, I promise. Back to the regularly scheduled positivity in a bit.

a lot of my older followers know that ive been super frustrated in the past by the fact that my parents are extremely unhealthy—not just with their lack of exercise but also their eating habits. because they bring home shitty food, and ive gots me a binging problem, we clash when it comes to our dietary lifestyles pretty often.

my dad recently retired, though, and apparently he and my mom are on a health kick now, so im pretty pleased—not just for myself, but for them too, because its about time they start taking care of themselves better. theyre even cutting back on smoking, which is awesome!

they’ve attempted several times to hike the local peak, aka the mountain of death if you’ve kept up with past entries, but never got more than 10 minutes up the mountain. but i guess that a few days ago my dad went back with my brother, who is basically GI Joe, and climbed all the way to the top. which is awesome, but now he wont shut up about it. my mom was texting me earlier with this:

mom: your dad is driving me nuts. now hes talking about how hes going to write a book about how he climbed to the top of mission peak

me: whats he gonna call it

mom: “ima tiger now”

me: hahaha what the fuck you people are so weird

mom: yeah i know. he says chapter 1 is going to be on how to get the proper nutrition before hiking

mom: hes eating cookies right now while he talks about it. omg. shut up.